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Solar Shade: The Ultimate and Complete Protection of Your Marine Craft from the Sun

Marine crafts such as ships, boats, yachts and vessels are assets known for their sense of luxury and comfort when it comes to sea voyage. People often use them for private getaways, vacations, business meetings, parties and other significant occasions and purposes. And so, it becomes essential that special care and maintenance be given to these marine crafts and the imperceptible damages they get must not be left unattended.

Here, the question arises. How? How can you protect your marine craft from the harmful rays of the sun?

Installing solar shade is the proper window treatment solution to ensure the protection of your vessel from the various effects of too much sun exposure. Gone are the days when unruly curtains, draperies and other coverings were used to block the heat entering a ship’s windows. Nowadays, people are opting for the more effective yet inexpensive solution to protect their valuable asset – solar shades. A large selection of solar window shade is available in the market for a vessel’s specific need. It is also a proven source of energy efficiency – allowing you to save money in the long run.

Is It Really Beneficial To Install Solar Shade?

The main reason for installing solar shade on your marine craft is that it provides an effective protection against the heat by reflecting most of the harmful sun radiations. Solar shades are not restricted to only ships, boats or yachts, but can also be used for control towers and even to windows of homes and offices.

Primary Benefits:

  • Solar shades reject a significant amount of sun rays to reduce the heat gain inside the vessel, allowing an overall cool and comfortable ambiance for both the crew and passengers.
  • With heat build-up blocked by the help of solar shades, there is a substantial reduction in the consumption or use of air conditioning.Temperatures are kept balanced inside the vessel, allowing you to conserve energy.
  • They also give up to 89% glare reduction and glare is known to cause problems while navigating due to excessive reflectivity of sun rays on the water’s surface. Lessened eye strain to the crew thus leads to a safer voyage.
  • Constant exposure to direct sunlight can also cause damage to the ship’s equipment and furnishing. Solar shades help safeguard your ship’s interior from premature fading and decomposition, enabling the preservation of its original beauty and luster.

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