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Marine Anti Glare Roller Screen for Bridge Windows


NAVIGlare Marine Solar Blinds Singapore

Marine Solar Blinds Sunscreen for Bridge Windows

Complete Protection of Your Marine Vessel from the Sun’s Heat

Installing solar shade can give you optimal window treatment solution to ensure the protection of your vessel from the various harmful effects of too much sun exposure. Gone are the days when unruly curtains, draperies and other coverings were used to block the heat entering a ship’s windows.

Nowadays, people are opting for the more effective yet inexpensive solution to protect their valuable asset – solar blinds. A large selection of solar window shade is available in the market for a vessel’s specific need. With heat build-up blocked by the help of solar shades, there is a substantial reduction in the consumption or use of air conditioning. Temperatures are kept balanced inside the vessel, allowing you to conserve energy consumption.

It provides up to 89% glare reduction, which is known to cause problems while navigating due to excessive reflectivity of sun rays on the water’s surface. It is proven to reduce eye strain to the crew that leads to a safer voyage. Solar shade preserves 100% of the outside view and provides one-way vision for privacy.

Constant exposure to direct sunlight can also cause damage to the ship’s equipment and furnishing. Solar shades help safeguard your ship’s interior from premature fading and decomposition, enabling the preservation of its original beauty and luster.

It rejects up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) light that contributes to skin damage leading to skin cancer.

NAVIGlare solar shade blinds reject a significant amount of sun rays to reduce the heat gain inside the vessel, allowing an overall cool and comfortable ambiance for both the crew and passengers.