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Marine Solar Blinds

Marine Solar Blinds


Sunscreen for Bridge Windows

Complete Protection of Your Marine Vessel from the Sun's Heat

Installing solar shade can give you optimal window treatment solution to ensure the protection of your vessel from the various harmful effects of too much sun exposure. Gone are the days when unruly curtains, draperies and other coverings were used to block the heat entering a ship’s windows.

NAVIGlare Shades offer several benefits for interior spaces on ships. The transparent shades allow natural light to enter, providing an unobstructed view that can be enhanced by controlling glare and excess heat, which is essential for ship captains. In addition, the open weave of the shades allows air to move freely between the window and climate-controlled areas, improving insulation and transforming dual-pane windows to triple-pane performance.

Compared to fabric shades, anti-glare shades are more energy efficient. They block the sun’s energy in the summer, resulting in significant savings on heating and cooling expenses. These are also fortified with UV advantage technology, which blocks up to 99.9%of damaging UV rays. This protection helps reduce the fading of interior furnishings and electronic equipment displays, especially in the navigational wheelhouse, where UV rays can double due to the sea’s reflection.

anti-glare Shades also offer enhanced privacy and glare protection. They can help protect against prying eyes and improve comfort and productivity by reducing eye fatigue. Additionally, the shades have sleek modern styling and are quick and easy to clean, durable, and reduce allergen exposure commonly associated with fabric shades. 

NAVIGlare solar shade blinds reject a significant amount of sun rays to reduce the heat gain inside the vessel, allowing an overall cool and comfortable ambiance for both the crew and passengers.




Advantages of Using Solar Blinds on your Ships

Heat Reduction

Help decrease the amount of heat that penetrates the boat, keeping the interior cooler and more comfortable.

Energy Efficiency

Aid in increasing energy efficiency by minimizing the heat entering the watercraft. This can lead to lower cooling costs and reduce the need for air conditioning.

UV Protection

Offer protection against harmful UV rays. The blinds can filter out up to 99% of UV radiation, which can help prevent sunburn and other skin damage.


Maintain your privacy and peace of mind with our Naviglare blinds that effectively block external view. This feature becomes even more crucial when your boat is docked in a marina or anchored in a busy area

Glare Reduction

Sunlight reflecting off the water can cause glare, making it difficult to see and causing eye strain. Marine sunscreen solar blinds can reduce glare and improve visibility, making navigating and operating the marine easier.

Protection of Interior

The UV radiation and heat from the sun can cause fading and deterioration of the ship's interior, such as the seats and carpets. Using marine sunscreen solar blinds can help protect the interior from these damaging effects.