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Naviglare Marine Window Film Singapore

Marine Window Films

Marine Window Films


Guarantee Your Marine Vessel's Window Safety with NAVIGlare Films

Trustworthy Choice for Window Shielding

NAVIGlare is not only top-rated and specializes in solar blinds protection for marine but also the most outstanding window film brand for marine navigation bridge windows and its more than 20 years of experience in installation services.

Offers a broad array of marine-grade window film high-quality and durable materials applied to the windows of boats and other marine vessels. These films provide several benefits, including UV protection, superior high heat control, and extremely durable blast protective film.

Solar Tinted Films

Massive glass panels of a vessel are defenseless against the sun and heat in the open sea. Marine-grade solar films can withstand prolonged exposure to intense heat while protecting the inside cabin. It is designed to endure the toughest marine condition like saltwater corrosion. It also helps to reduce glare reflected from the sea in the daytime while providing a safe and clear view for navigation at night. Marine-grade solar film is the ultimate choice for your safest and most comfortable voyage.

Impact Protection Films

A glass that has been fractured during an accident or other incident will be held in place by navigate protective films. These films are designed to hold broken glass in place during a collision or other impact. It helps prevent injuries and damage to the interior of the boat. In addition, they strengthen and protect the windows of ships and other marine vessels.




Advantages of Window Film on your Ships

Superior Solar Heat and Glare Reduction

Alleviates the discomfort caused by excessive heat and glare from the rays of the sun.

Energy Efficiency

By eliminating intense sun glare and heat, window film keeps the ambiance cool and comfortable. Reduces the load on air conditioning equipment of the ship.

Heat Reduction

Help decrease the amount of heat that penetrates the boat, keeping the interior cooler and more comfortable.

High Optical Clarity

Provides a clear outside view without any haziness and distortion.

Maintains Privacy

Despite of their advanced functionality, marine window film offer complete privacy without obstructing the outside view.


High impact shatter resistant glass solution. Added protection for crew and passengers from sea waves or bad weather.  

Screening From Harmful UV Rays

Protection against harmful rays, assisting with fade reduction of upholsteries and equipment used inside the ship. Protect interior of the marine craft from fading or cracking.