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Mount Our Exclusive LLumar Ship Window Blinds to Improve Visibility in Bright Conditions

Have you ever visited a dockyard? If yes, then you might have seen ship window blinds are used for window treatments. Ship window blinds are used to provide complete protection from hazardous ultra-violet (UVA & UVB) rays that can cause sunburn, wrinkles, rashes, aging skin cancer and many other skin problems. Not only this, ship window blinds are excel in eliminating intense sun glare & heat, thereby keep the ambience cool and comfortable. Now, if you are planning to treat the windows of your marine craft and looking for finest quality ship window blinds to combat against the adverse effects of scorching sun rays while voyaging, then we NAVIGlare, are here to serve you with our best of services.

We NAVIGlare, are one of the eminent companies widely acclaimed for offering top-rated ship window blinds, window shades, anti-glare roller blinds and marine blinds for the maritime industry. Our offered ship window blinds are engineered with advanced LLumar technology to withstand harsh marine environment. Moreover, our LLumar window shades are exclusively made up of transparent polymer films and are known for their advanced functionality and safety characteristics.

At NAVIGlare, we have a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals who works dexterously to render outstanding window film installation services without leaving any setbacks.

What makes window shades so popular?

Decreased Eye Fatigue: While voyaging, problems related to intense sun glare and reflection can be effectively reduced by installing ship window blinds and shades. Moreover, our LLumar window shades and blinds offer complete vision clarity in bright conditions.

Maintains Privacy: Despite of their advanced functionality, ship window blinds and shades offer complete privacy without obstructing the outside view.

Energy Saving: By eliminating intense sun glare and heat up to 97%, window shades keep the ambience cool and comfortable. When the ambience is already cool, less pressure is put on HVAC appliances which in turn increase their working efficiency & decrease the power consumption.

Protect luxe interiors from fading or discoloration: Scorching rays of sun possess the power of fading, cracking or discoloration of the craft interiors thereby decreases the life of luxe furnishings. But, by installing window shades and blinds, luxe furnishes and fabrics can be protected from the harmful effects of the blistering sun rays.

We here at NAVIGlare, offer a wide range of window films that can be easily customized as per the requirements. Explore our website to know more about our company, products and installation services.