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Whether its bright summer days, or low lying nature of sun during winters, light from the sun can be a problem. While sailing, sun rays reflected by the water put strain on the eyes, increase fatigue and distract controller from reading the signals properly. As a result, risk of collision or accident increases in busy lanes. Not only this, intense sun glare & heat makes the marine craft uncomfortable and unbearably hot to sit & relax. Therefore, we NAVIGlare bring forth exceptional quality antiglare window system to eliminate the distresses caused by intense sun glare. Our offered antiglare window shades & blinds alleviate eye fatigue and preserve complete one-way vision clarity without making any distortion in signal markers. We offer advanced LLumar window shades that block intense sun glare up to 97% and ensure clear visibility in bright conditions without obstructing outside view.

We NAVIGlare, are widely acclaimed for offering top-rated window shades and blinds, ship window blinds, anti-glare roller blinds and marine blinds for the maritime industry. Our offered window shades and blinds are exclusively made up of transparent polymer films with excellent anti-glare property. Moreover, our window shades are engineered under the vigilance of experts to meet the requirements of maritime industry and are known for their advanced functionality and safety characteristics.

Exceptional Features of Marine Window Shades and Blinds:

Block Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays: The ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) rays of sun have damaging effects on the skin like sunburn, rashes, aging, skin cancer and other skin ailments. But, installation of our marine window shades and blinds can act as a savior & provide utmost protection from hazardous UV rays.

Keep the Ambience Cool and Comfortable: By blocking intense sun glare up to 97%, our offered LLumar marine window shades & blinds keep the environment cool and comfortable. Not only this, it maintains the balanced performance of heat rejection and natural light transmission.

Energy Saving: When the surrounding is cool, less pressure is put on air conditioning which increases its working efficiency & decreases the power consumption.

Spruce up Doors and Windows: Our offered marine window shades and blinds come in various appealing colors, sizes and patterns that dramatically spruce up the doors and windows of your marine craft.

Prolong The Life Of Craft Interiors: Scorching sun rays possess the power of cracking, fading or discoloration. But, installation of our marine window shades and blinds can prolong the life of craft interiors.

Maintain Privacy Level: Installation of our LLumar marine window shades and blinds offer complete privacy from prying eyes.