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Window Shades: Perfect Solution for Non-Navigational Windows!

Want to make your marine craft look more elegant by installing decorative window shades? Looking for superior-quality window blinds to protect voyagers from the adverse effect of ultraviolet (UV) rays? If yes, then our company NAVIGlare invites you at our store of window shades and blinds. We have a wide array of shades and blinds in various colors, designs and textures at the most reasonable price. Also, we are widely acclaimed for offering window shades installation services in Singapore.

Benefits of Installing Window Shades and Blinds:

Block Intense Heat & Sun Glare: Our window shades and blinds are exclusively engineered to block intense sun glare up to 85%. Thus, they excel in keeping the ambience cool and comfortable. By lowering down the temperature, it puts less pressure on the air conditioning systems which in turn increases their working efficiency.

Reject Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays: By rejecting ultraviolet (UV) rays up to 99%, our offered window shades and blinds reduce the risk of various skin-related problems including sunburn, rashes, aging, skin cancer and many other skin damaging effects.

Enhance Visibility & Decrease Eye Fatigue: While sailing, water reflected sun rays put strain on eyes which decreases the visibility and affect the vision of the marine controller. As a result, chance of accident or collision increases in busy lanes. But, installation of our window shades and blind can eliminate intense sun glare up to 97% that clears the visibility and improves one way vision with 100% clear outside view.

Enhance the Life Span of Crafts Interiors: Blistering sun rays possess the power of cracking, fading of the craft interiors. But, installation of our window shades can prevent discoloration of the items. Apart from this, our offered decorative window shades enhance the grace of interiors.

Easy To Handle and Clean: Unlike other window shades, our offered window blinds are highly durable and can be conveniently cleaned by using traditional cleansing methods.

We NAVIGlare are one of the trusted companies which are renowned globally for offering a wide range of window shades and blinds for maritime industry. Our LLumar window shades are exclusively engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment.