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Window Shades and Blinds to Confine Harmful Effects of the Scorching Sun Rays

While designing a marine craft, designers pay a special attention towards keeping the interiors cool and comfortable. They look for an effective way to keep the crafts interiors protected from the blistering sun glare and also from the prying eyes. Here, comes the need for window treatment with premium quality shades and blinds that effectively restrain the sun rays from coming inside the room to make their voyaging experience comfortable and enjoyable.

NAVIGlare is one of the trusted companies which are widely recognized for supplying high quality window shades and blinds for maritime industry. Our window shades and blinds are manufactured with cutting-tech technology that meets all quality standards to ensure they withstand the harsh marine environment.

Why the Demand of Our Offered Sun Protection System Is Increasing?

  • Our shades and blinds efficiently block up to 85% of the sun heat to make the ambience cool and comfortable.
  • These window treatments curtail up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) glare that causes damage to the skin. This way, our range ensures protection of skin from the harsh effects of scorching sun rays that includes rashes, sun burn and even skin cancer.
  • Sun rays during water journey puts immense stress on eyes and makes very uncomfortable to work as they reflect by the water. But, installation of our offered shades and blinds reduces eye fatigue, make it comfortable to work inside the vessel and provide safer environment for navigation.
  • Our shades and blinds are available in a variety of designs, patterns and sizes so that one can select the apt one as the requirement.

Avail our Premium Ship Window Blinds and Shades Installation Services

NAVIGlare offers a wide array of shades and blinds in a variety of designs, patterns and sizes for commercial offices, universities, airports, train and bus stations, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, etc. Also, we are recognized as a market leader in offering radiant barrier and solar control window shades which are extensively used for vessels bridge window and airport control tower.

Moreover, we are widely acclaimed for setting a benchmark in offering outstanding window shades and blinds installation services. We have a team of experts who hold years of experience in installing blinds and shades for boat, ship or yacht. They work with great professionalism and honesty to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you want to grab more information about our products and services then explore our website