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Window Shades and Blinds for a Safe and Comfortable Sailing Experience!

A voyage is considered to be soothing, comfortable and relaxing but to ensure the same; you need to keep your marine craft well equipped. Now, you must be thinking what is the connection between comfort, relaxation and an equipped marine craft? Arent you!!! We are sure that you want to know about the same. So, have a quick glance to know more about it.

Window shades and blinds are quite essential to be installed on the windows of your ships and boats as they excel in blocking the scorching heat entering into your marine premises. These sunshades can be easily adjusted as per the requirements. But, if your marine craft is not equipped with the premium quality marine sunshades then you will face enlisted below issues:

Increase the chances of accidents: While traveling by sea, blazing sun light is reflected by water which is extremely tormenting and harmful. As, scorching rays of the sun puts stress on eyes that decreases the visibility and affects the vision of the marine controllers due to which they cant read the equipments clearly. And, when the controller is not able to read the equipments properly, ultimately the chances of accidents will increase.

Harm to the beautiful interiors of your rooms: When the furniture, fabrics and equipments are over exposed for prolonged time to the glaring sunrays, their colors fade and service life decreases. Ultimately, the gorgeous ambience of the room loses its charm.

Along with this, scorching sun heat makes the room a very uncomfortable place to work or relax in.

Cause of skin diseases: When skin is exposed to the water reflected Ultra violet sun rays for a prolonged time, it can become the cause of several skin-related diseases including skin cancer, rashes and many others. It also results in skin aging, sun burn and damage to the eyes.

How Blinds and shades will protect?

An ideal solution for the above explained problems is the installation of solar films and window blinds. For the same, NAVIGlare a reputed firm is engaged in rendering glass tinting installation services in Singapore. We have a team of experienced Marine Sunshade Specialists who possess vast knowledge of this domain and offer installation services in accordance to the needs of the customers. You can also purchase high class solar films and blinds from us.

By installing blinds and shades, you can enhance the visibility for the voyagers. These will block sun light and heat from entering into the interiors of your marine craft, which will keep the ambience cool. Also, our shades and blinds are broadly available in varied colors, patterns and designs. Select any as per your desire and give your interiors a protective shield.