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Solar Shade: Protection against Blistering Sun Rays in Style

Are you looking for a promising sun protection for your marine craft? Tired of searching simple, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution? If you nod your head and say yes, then you should install window blinds and shades on your marine craft. Window shade is the advanced innovation in the window film industry to safeguard your ship from the blistering rays of the sun. It adds a protective layer to your marine craft that screen out annoying glare, harmful UVA & UVB rays and intense suns heat. Also, it enhances the comfort of your surrounding by blocking unwanted sun rays. Not only this, it improves the visibility in bright conditions (day-light) thereby prevents the chance of accident or collision in busy lanes.

Engineered with advanced LLumar technology, window shades and blinds provide all-round protection from blazing sun rays without obscuring the outside vision. In the past few years, window blinds and shades have grabbed enormous attention because of their advanced functionality and innovative safety characteristics. The highly durable construction of window shades and blinds are designed to long for a long time. Window shades and blinds not only act as a barrier against annoying glare of the sun but also the visual appeal of the marine craft. They come in a splash of colors, styles, designs and patters to add a dash of elegance to the marine craft.

Reason Why LLumar Window Shades and Blinds Have Magnetized People across the World

  • Protective Shield: Acts as a barrier against UVA & UVB rays of the sun that can cause cataract, loss of skin elasticity, sunburn, rashes, skin pigmentation, scars, premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and even skin cancer.
  • Energy Saving: Blocks up to 85% of the suns energy that would help in improving the efficiency of air condition system of the marine craft.
  • Create Soothing & Pleasing Environment: Improves the comfort of the occupant by rejecting up to 99% of the sun ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Protect interiors: Safeguard the ship upholsteries from fading, cracking and discoloration.
  • 100% One-Way Vision: Preserves complete view of the outside without compromising the privacy factor.
  • Highly Durable Construction with Scratch-Resistant Coating: Made up of transparent polymer film, LLumar shades and blinds can withstand any harsh marine environment.

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