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Roller Blinds- to enhance visibility and state of comfort on the marine craft!

Do you really think that sunscreen lotion is enough to protect you from the extremely harmful ultra violet rays of the sun while voyaging? If yes then let us tell you that sun block lotion is not enough to guard against the dangerous effects of the sun rays while sailing. One really needs to protect themselves with an effective sun protection system to have a comfortable and safe voyage. We here at, NAVIGlare are engaged in offering best grade blinds and shades for all kinds of commercial installations such as ships, yachts, boat, hotels, trains, airports, hospitals, etc. Our array can be customized in accordance to the actual window size of the marine craft. Moreover, we provide reliable installation services in Singapore at affordable prices.

Excessive allergen exposure to the skin causes skin cancer, rashes, sun burns and skin aging. But, all of these effects can be drastically reduced by installing shades and blinds on the windows. Scorching sun heat and light also converts the rooms into an oven which makes it very uncomfortable to sit in and relax in the room. But, Marine Anti-Glare Roller Blinds and shades efficiently prevent hazardous sunrays from coming into the interiors.

Benefits Of Installing Roller Blinds Includes:

Enhanced visibility and safety:

By installing roller blinds, intense sun glare can be blocked up to 91% that clears visibility and enhances the controllers vision. One can easily read the electronic equipment, ensure safe passage of vessel and reduce the risk of accidents in busy lanes.

Decreased Eye Stress and Fatigue:

Problems related to the intense sun glare and reflection on computer screens, radars and on other equipment are reduced.

Ensures To Provide Comfortable Working Environment:
Roller blinds also block the heat from coming in and keep the temperature uniform. This way, roller blinds help maintaining the work-rate and makes voyagers feel comfortable to relax in.

Maintains Privacy:

Roller blinds installed on the windows maintain privacy by guarding against the prying eyes. These blinds can even be adjusted as per the requirement.

Increase the Efficiency of Equipments and Life of Furnishings and Fabrics:

The way scorching sunlight affects the working ability and vision of a human the very same way it affects the efficiency of appliances and decreases the life of furnishings. But, by installing blinds appliances, furnishes and fabrics can be saved from the harmful effects of the sunlight.

Cuts the Energy Consumption:

When the atmosphere is already cool, less pressure is put on air conditioning system which ultimately decreases the power consumption. Environmental conscious companies have been benefited a lot with the installation of blinds.