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Window Blinds and Shades: Provides Glare Control with Perfect Light Management

Blinds or drapes? Curtains or shades? Your biggest priority in choosing window blinds is for what purpose you are using them. You should know whether you need light or privacy – or both!! There are “n” number of blinds and shades available in the market that can be used in a variety of ways. Window blinds are ideally used for commercial offices, universities, airports, train and bus stations, shops, pubs and bars, restaurants and hotels, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Blinds are prepared in a variety of materials, some are expensive while others are comparatively low in price.

Window blinds and shades allow as much natural light into your ship while controlling heat and glare, while maintaining the user connection to the outside world. Everybody is familiar with the side effects caused by the harmful UV rays. If the parts of the body are directly exposed to the sun, then the harmful rays cause damage to the sun. But what would happen to your marine craft? The sun UV rays not only cause damage to the skin, but also cause damage to the furnishings of the ship.

Benefits And Features Of Window Blinds And Shades

Anti-Glare Sunscreen: Reduces glare and heat caused by the sun to form a safer, more comfortable operational environment in the ship.

Reduce Power Consumption: Rejects the heat caused by the sun to enter into the ship and thus, eliminating wastage and reducing demand for air cooling systems.

Increase Energy Efficiency: Maintains the internal environment to be cool by eliminating the heat reigned by the sun.

Protective And Comfort Environment: Acts as a protective layer for the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun to enter into the ship.

Safeguards The Upholsteries: Preserve the ship’s furnishings which, when exposed to the sun rays cause them to damage, fade and crack.

No Obstruction In Outside View: Maintains the user connection to the clear outside view which is vital for navigators and operators.

Custom Made: Designed and installed according to the customer needs, dimensions and specifications.

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