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Protect Your Marine Craft from the Destructive Rays of Sun

Is your skin is the only thing that needs protection from the glaring sun? What about your beloved boat and its luxe interior? What preventive measures are you taking to preserve its luster and value? Got perplexed! Relax!!! You will get all the answers in this jam-packed source.

Undoubtedly, boat dwellers love their boats and take all the actions to take good care of their marine craft. They want their marine craft to stand out from others. But, still many of them are using the traditional methods to block the annoying glare, harmful UV rays and intense sun rays. Are you one of those countless people who are still using curtains, blinds and drapes to block out scorching sun rays? If yes, then mount LLumar window blinds and shades to ascertain the luster of your marine craft. They not only protect your marine craft from the blazing rays of the sun but elegantly transform the look of your marine craft. By installing LLumar window blinds and shades, any boat dweller can preserve the finish of the marine craft while maintaining its resale value even after 10-15 years.

While voyaging, water reflected sun rays put strain on the eyes of the controller which results in eye fatigue, headache, redness, itching and other related problems. As a result, chance of accident or collision increases in busy lanes. Not only this, blistering sun rays cause innumerable problems like cataract, sunburn, blisters, freckles, premature ageing of skin, dehydration, rashes, skin pigmentation, scars and even skin cancer. To overcome the problems, NAVIGlare brings forth an elite range of LLumar window blinds and shades at most affordable price.

Window Blinds and Shades: Prevent Damage Caused to Boats Upholstery

Boat dwellers are very much familiar with the damage caused by the intense UV rays of the sun. These hazardous rays will not only cause skin problems but also responsible for wear and tear of the boats upholsteries. When seats, cupboards and furnishings are exposed to the intense suns glare, they start fading or become discolored. Once brittle, boats upholstery will start cracking and completely ruined in a couple of years. This will drastically reduce the resale value of your marine craft. To prevent your boats upholstery from cracking, fading or discoloration, its wise to install LLumar window blinds and shades on the doors and windows of your marine craft.

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