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Naviglare: Pioneer in Window Shades & Blinds

You might have heard about the dangers of scorching sun rays but what you mightnt be aware of is that by installing window blinds and shades, you can protect your passengers and crew members from the hazardous effects of ultra-violet (UVA & UVB) rays, annoying glare, eye fatigue and many other distresses caused by blazing sun rays. If you are planning for window treatments of your marine craft & looking for a promising sun protection system then nothing is better than LLumar window blinds and shades.

At, we are engaged in offering an elite range of LLumar window shades and blinds at most reasonable prices. Our offered window shades and blinds excel in filtering hazardous ultra-violet (UVA & UVB) rays, lightening the load on air conditioning, eliminating annoying glare, unwanted heat buildup & hot spots and offer a balanced performance of solar heat rejection and natural light transmission thereby successfully surpassed the traditional solar control window shades which only offer a pleasing exterior. Not only this, our offered LLumar window shades and blinds come in various appealing colors, sizes and textures that not only provide utmost protection from scorching sun rays but also enhance the visual appeal of your marine craft.

Why You Should Install LLumar Window Shades & Blinds?

Enhance Visibility during Bright Conditions: During sailing, water reflected sun rays put immense strain on the eyes of the marine controller which makes it difficult for interpret the signals properly. As a result, possibility of collision or accident increases many times in busy lanes. But, installation of LLumar window shades improves visibility in bright condition and promises 100% one-way vision clarity.

Block Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays: LLumar window blinds excel in blocking hazardous ultra-violet (UVA & UVB) rays up to 99% thereby provide complete protection from sunburn, rashes, aging, skin cancer and other skin problems. No doubt, installation of marine window shades can act as a savior from hazardous UV rays.

Improves Occupant Comfort: By eliminating intense sun glare & heat window blinds keep the ambience cool and comfortable. By lowering down the room temperature, it reduces the load of the HVAC appliances and increases their working efficiency.

Prolong The Life Of Craft Interiors: Intense sun glare & heat can cause fading, cracking or discoloration of the crafts interiors. But installation of LLumar window blinds on doors & windows can simply enhance the life span of the craft interiors.

Easy To Handle and Clean: Unlike traditional window shades, LLumar blinds can be easily cleaned using simple cleansing methods.

Now, if you are impressed with the benefits of window blinds and looking for a reliable store to avail it at most reasonable prices, then our company Naviglare welcomes you. Visit us at: