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Keep the Ambience Cool and Comfortable With Our Window Shades

Wherever we are, in office, home or on a marine craft, we all want it to be a comfortable, cool and relaxing place to sit and work in. And, we can understand how annoying it is to sit inside an uncomfortable ambience. Thus, we NAVIGlare bring forth a broad range of window shades and blinds in varied sizes and patterns. These shades gracefully add to the beauty of décor while obstructing the sun rays from entering into the room for a soothing comfortable ambience.

Advantages of Installing our Window Blinds and Shades are:

Enhance Visibility and Safety

Installation of window blinds and shades can eliminate intense sun glare up to 97% that clears the visibility and enhances the vision of a marine controller on the marine craft for stress-free readability.

Block Perilous and Intense Sun Rays for a Cool Ambience

Scorching rays of the sun can turn a room too uncomfortable and hot to sit in. By installing our premium window blinds and shades one can regulate the amount of light and keeps the ambience cool enough to relax.

Privacy Matters

Installation of blinds and shades offer utmost privacy by blocking the view from outside as they are engineered in a way to offer one way visibility.

Boost the Efficiency of HVAC Appliances

By rejecting the intense sun glare, our window shades keep the ambience cool and enhance the efficiency of HVAC appliances.

Augment the Life Span of Craft’s Interiors

Scorching sun rays not just make the room uncomfortable but can cause harm to furniture, fabric and equipments. Installation of our range can prevent discoloration of the items resulted by the overexposure to the intense sun glare.

NAVIGlare: Explore Our Range of outstanding Window Blinds and Shades

We NAVIGlare are renowned for offering durable window shades at highly affordable prices. Our window shades are exclusively manufactured using transparent polymer films with Supreme Anti-Glare properties. Also, these can be customized as per the requirements. Apart from this, we are widely recognized for offering reliable shades and blinds installation services in Singapore. We have a team of skilled professionals who hold years of experience in installing window blinds and shades for boats, yachts, ships, etc. Our professionals work with great professionalism and excellent workmanship to ensure complete customer-satisfaction. If you want to grab more information about our company, products or services then explore our official website