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Install our Marine Window Blinds for a Safe and Comfortable Voyage

Do you really think sunscreen lotions, hats and a good pair of sun glasses are enough to protect you from the blistering rays of the sun while voyaging? If you say yes, then you are wrong my friend. According to the recent studies, it has been found that overexposure to intense glare of the sun can leave hazardous impact on the skin. With a rise in chlorofluorocarbon and depletion of ozone layer, ultra violet radiations have become more intense and perilous. In addition, exposure to water-reflected sun rays is higher in the ocean, thus it becomes quite essential to take effective measures to guard against the effects of harmful UV rays.

Now, if you too worried about effects of sun glare? Or in search for an effective solution to guard against the hazardous effects of UV rays? Then, our offered exceptional and premium range of marine window shades is a perfect solution for you. These shades are engineered using latest technology to efficiently prevent the harmful sun rays from entering into the ambience. Moreover, our company NAVIGlare is exclusively engaged in providing a range of high-tech LLumar marine window blinds for all kinds of commercial installations such as boats, yachts, ships, hotels, trains, airports, hospitals and for other commercial installation purposes.

Its real Worthy Installing Our Window Blinds and Shades, Read Below To Know How!

Enhanced Visibility and Safety

While voyaging, blazing sun rays are reflected by water put immense stress on eyes. This stress affects vision of the marine controller and makes it quite difficult to read the equipments that ultimately increase the chances of accidents. But, by installing marine window blinds up to 97% of the intense glare can be blocked for clear vision and readability.

Maintains Privacy

Despite of its advanced functionality of obstructing hazardous UV rays, window blinds also offers utmost privacy. It blocks the view from outside that prevents prying eyes from peeping into your personal life.

Block Hazardous Sun Rays and Keep Ambience Cool

Window blinds and shades block hazardous UV rays up to 99%, which tremendously decreases the chances of various skin-related diseases such as burns, rashes, skin cancer and many more.

Further, by blocking the intense and perilous sun heat, these blinds keep the interiors cool and improve the efficiency of the air conditioning systems. Therefore, it is quite important install our marine window shades and blinds in order to prevent hazardous glare for a comfortable voyaging experience.